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Wedding photography in Essex: Sepia love

April 12th, 2016

For this wedding photography shot I played around with various filters and layers, but decided that good old Sepia was the one for this wedding picture, it brings contrast in with the wedding dress against the weeping willow in the background.


Essex Wedding Photography of the Day: Vintage Wedding Roses

September 13th, 2011
Vintage wedding roses at Leez Priory

Vintage wedding roses at Leez Priory

One of my favourite shots I’ve captured this month of a beautiful wedding rose bouquet.  I’ve post-processed this shot with a vintage Kodachrome 35mm filter, which really adds a genuine 1930’s flavour to the picture. The shadows remain dark and the highlights have a creamy warmth.  The fantastic natural light levels in the main dining room at Leez Priory, Essex,  helps in producing these fantastic contrasting depth levels of light.

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