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Essex wedding photography of the day: Cold feet

March 7th, 2013

This wedding photography picture was taken at leez priory in Essex, the snow is a perfect contrast against the dark imposing tower and  helps to create the feeling of romance in the picture, sometimes mother nature is good to me. ENJOY!

Our 3 Favourite Essex Wedding Venues

October 11th, 2011

I  have previously  worked at nearly all of the leading Essex Wedding venues over the last 10 years. Like any professional photographer, I have my favourites.

Sometimes it’s the natural light on the day, other times it’s the Bride & Groom who you are shooting, but these  3 Essex Wedding venues below really do stand out as consistently producing remarkable wedding photography.

Leez Priory

Set in a gorgeous expanse of parkland, near Felsted in Essex, Leez Priory is a magnificent Tudor mansion that would normally be owned by the National Trust.  Leez Priory offers fantastic back drops for wedding photography, as it contains mirror-like lakes, beautifully kept lawns and a sweeping driveway that leads the eye.

I’ve worked at Leez Priory on numerous occasions and each and every time I have come away with an album full of high quality pictures, all thanks to the stunning architecture of Leez Priory.

Essex Wedding at Leez Priory

Essex Wedding at Leez Priory

Ingatestone Hall

Ingatestone Hall is another Tudor house,  set in a smaller setting than Leez Priory but crammed with even more history.  The front face of the hall with it’s towering clock and impressive arch way really lends itself to beautiful Bride & Groom shots.

The rear of the hall contains a walled garden, extensive lawns and a pond, all of which are available to the Wedding Photographer on the day. These impressive landscaped features can really provide a stunning setting for your Wedding Photography.

essex wedding at ingatestone hall

Essex Wedding at Ingatestone Hall

Orsett Hall

Rebuilt in 2007,  Orsett Hall remains the quintessential South-Essex Wedding venue.  The newly rebuilt Orsett Hall still looks as magnificent as ever with added bling, especially the Wedding Bridal Suit with it’s new  flamboyant colour theme.

Orsett Hall offers a good variety of photography locations, including the 12 acres of parkland, and the landscaped garden which has a  lovely bridge over a Koi pond.

Essex Wedding at Orsett Hall

Essex Wedding at Orsett Hall

Essex Wedding Photography of the Day: Groom in deep trouble

September 29th, 2011
Deep water

Deep water

This shot was taken at Leez Priory Wedding venue in Essex, what can I say about this shot, its just great and so unusual, I spotted the sign when doing the reflection shot with the lake and my mind started ticking:ENJOY!

Essex Wedding Photography of the Day: Vintage Wedding Roses

September 13th, 2011
Vintage wedding roses at Leez Priory

Vintage wedding roses at Leez Priory

One of my favourite shots I’ve captured this month of a beautiful wedding rose bouquet.  I’ve post-processed this shot with a vintage Kodachrome 35mm filter, which really adds a genuine 1930’s flavour to the picture. The shadows remain dark and the highlights have a creamy warmth.  The fantastic natural light levels in the main dining room at Leez Priory, Essex,  helps in producing these fantastic contrasting depth levels of light.

Essex Wedding Photography of the Day: Leez Priory wedding venue

September 9th, 2011
Bride & Groom shot with fisheye lens at Leez priory

Bride & Groom shot with fisheye lens at Leez priory

Hope you like this shot taken with a 8mm fisheye lens at Leez Priory wedding venue.

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