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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

October 11th, 2011

Before you decide to book your wedding photographer, make sure you ask them the following important questions. We are all aware how modern technology has  simplified photography.  However their is still a vast expanse between a professional wedding photographer and just a new shiny £500 camera.

After leaving school, I decided to study every aspect of photography. During this time studying in Essex, I gained a City&Guilds in professional photography.

Have they acquired a formal photography qualification?

Photography is a creative vocation, but do not forget it is also a profession that is easy to learn, but very difficult to master. Any self respecting wedding photographer must have at least 1 formal photography qualification that they are willing to show you.

A photography qualification implies that they have learnt the rudimentary basics of photography, such as; composition, perspective,  the photographers grid,  controlling flash, exposure and light metering.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, do not let a photographer with the gift of the gab and a camera to set ‘Auto’  practice photography on your wedding day.

After completing my City&Guilds in professional photography, I was an apprentice with JCM Studios in Brentwood. I attended over 60 wedding during my apprenticeship.

How many Weddings have they previously attended

Experience matters, you can’t learn and foresee every possible eventuality that could take place on your  wedding day. However hiring a wedding photographer with years of experience means they are able to be totally prepared for all scenarios.

If you’re booking a photographer with less than 5 solo weddings under their belt, ask to see each  complete wedding album.  This can ease your concerns over their previous experience and offer insight into the  way they will structure your wedding day.

What back-up equipment and procedures are in place

As we previously stated, lots of things can go wrong during the course of your wedding day. It’s paramount that your wedding photographer is prepared for any problems that may occur on his side. This can include his main camera breaking down, illness causing the photographer to be unable to attend.

I always carry 3 camera’s, 3 Lenses, 3 Flashes and spare batteries and memory cards. This can seem over the top, but not to me, as I genuinely care about capturing your wedding day whatever happens.

I hope these tips will give you a good starting point before you quiz your future wedding photographer.  :)

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